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Google Developer Policy Update

Google has published an update to there Developer policy which restricts the features that are available in apps. These new restrictions prohibits the usage of the following features:

  • Call Log access : this means that it won’t be possible access the call log to select a phone number from the recent calls. Also the quick call reminder create might have to be removed.
  • Send SMS: this means that the scheduling of SMS to be sent automatically won’t be possible anymore. (I will leave the possibility to send the message by pressing the button but it will use the Devices Default SMS app)

These changes will be done in the next weeks (Google sent me a deadline for march 9 2019, otherwise the app will be deleted from the play store).

I am very disappointed that google made these changes even for existing apps. I tried for the past few months to obtain an exception for Life Reminders (eleven times…), but got negative answers every time. The person that evaluated my requests considered that these features are not necessary to Life Reminders, but authorize some other apps to use these permits.

For more details about these changes have a look at the following blog post: https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2018/10/providing-safe-and-secure-experience.html