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v2.9..x First of 2023

What’s new

This latest update brings a plethora of small changes and bug fixes to make your experience even more enjoyable. Several tweaks have been implemented to ensure that the system runs more smoothly, while other fixes address commonly experienced issues. Furthermore, this update provides greater stability and reliability in the overall system, making it easier for users to enjoy a superior experience.

Custom notification sound

This version has the ability to set a unique notification sound for each category of reminders, allowing users to further customize their experience with the app. With this feature, users can easily differentiate between the different types of reminders, making sure they never miss any important information. The customization also helps users create a more personalized and organized experience when using the app. (read the post about this new feature)

Full migration to Android 13

Notifications Permission

We implemented the new notification permission that is required by the latest version of the Android operating system, Android 13. This new permission allows our app to send notifications directly to the user, ensuring that the app works correctly. Note: An alert has been added when the app is opening in case the permission is not gives to Life reminders

Media Permission

The Media access permission has been implemented (it is used for image selection and custom notification sound on some devices)

Minor new features

  • A new visual Alert is shown when sound is disabled on device (which causes the notifications to be silent)


  • Dropbox integration now works again on most device
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