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What new!

Reminder list redesign

The old all text design has been swapped for a more modern lighter design using context icons

Reminder list customization

In the same line as the redesigned list I added some customization options for the content of the reminder list items.

You can now customize most of the display with the following options:

  • Title color and size
  • Date color and size
  • Secondary text color and size
  • Show/Hide the category label
  • Show/Hide the left icon
  • Select round/square left icon shape

All of these options from within one simple screen in the app settings

Compiled for Oreo

This was required by the play store, it is the part that may cause some issues. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have issue with the app!

All this is great but what has been fixed?

  • Sms Reminders not dismissed after being sent
  • Vibration is always active even when disabled
  • Reminder text erased on screen rotation
  • Notification sound too loud
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