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The main issue that users ask support about is “Why are my reminders not firing”. This is issue comes from the device “power optimization” which all android devices have by default. Over the years I have added many help sections for various device types and android versions.

The reminders not firing issue is one of the worst problems to solve for android an developer because we have absolutely no control over it and users almost exclusively blame the app

Just to give you an idea of how big this issue is here is the result from analyzing the support queries stats compiled over the past 6 years, here are the numbers for this type of issue :

  • 90% of the emails I receive
  • 87% of the bad reviews on the store.

The interesting thing is that although I have written documentation for this issue with details specific to the most commun device, users prefer taking time write a one star rating. Most of the time I only need to answer with the link to the appropriate help section. Although this usually helps the users, they almost never answer or update their review.

I found this very interesting site which bring most answers to the users: Follow this link

Here you can also find the help sections about this issue: Follow this link

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