Sync between android devices

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Why a sync feature

Sync feature is mainly two reasons to exist:

  • As its name says, it unable you to keep all your android devices which have Life Reminders installed to have your reminders automatically synchronized (when you edit/dismiss a reminder on your tablet, your phone reminder also automatically gets updated)
  • Second but not least reason to use it even if you only have one device is to have your reminders automatically save online, which is a great feature when you change your phone or must factory reset your device

How does it work

The great thing about it is that you set it and forget about it.

Activate the feature

The feature can be enabled at install time with the welcome wizard or via the settings via the "Sign In" option on the top of the screen.


Then read the text and select "I fully understand and agree"

Select the google account you want to use to enable the sync (it must be the same on all devices)

Disable the feature

If for some reason you wish to disable the feature, it is also very easy.

  1. you select "Sign Out" from the top of Settings screen

2.Then select the "Sign Out" button from the Sync Params screen

Important Notes about this feature

  • Only reminders are synced, not the images
  • When sync is activated the local backup and Dropbox feature is disabled
  • You must be connected to internet for the sync to work
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