LR is in beta!

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Version bring a few long awaited feature and a few fixes also 😉

Repeat from dismiss Date/Time

When selected, these options cause the next occurence to be calculated from the dismiss date (and optionaly time) instead of the scheduled date which was the default until now.

Note that:

  • This option is only available for hourly/daily/monthly/yearly reminders (not for weekly reminder
  • For hourly reminders the “From dismiss date” option automatically selects the “And from dismiss time” option.


Repeat every n day of month

It is now possible to create reminders that trigger at a specific weekday in the month (ex : every 3rd Friday)

To select this option, you select the desired date of execution then you select “Repeat Monthly (Every n day)” (where n is the position and day will be the weekday)

What else…

The two majors fixes included in this release  are:

  • Some contacts where doubled in the selection list (on some devices), this should not happen anymore
  • The reminders are now restore correctly from local backups, all reminders used to got to the general category
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