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What’s new? This update mainly contains fixes to some minor issues. Store version: Fix Dropbox restore issue Updated to latest SDK tools UI cleaning up Removed post call notification Some minor fixes External version: Nothing new!

Life RemindersUpdates


What’s new? This update mainly contains fixes to so issues that have been pending for quite a long time. I will try to simplify the download of the external version overtime. Store version: Force Close when the notification grouping option…

Life Reminders


Let’s start about the annoying part! This is version complies with the new rule from the play store (more info here : http://www.lifereminders.eu/google-developer-policy-update/) which requires me to remove some of the features from Life Reminders: Automatic SMS reminders wont be…


Google Developer Policy Update

Update 2019-03-12: Here is the download link for the external version that enables back the SMS and Call Log feature (for now) : http://www.lifereminders.eu/lr-external-version/ Google has published an update to there Developer policy which restricts the features that are available…

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