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  • Dee Tr

    I set up a reminder BUT it does not notify. any thoughts

  • David Payne

    please use send an email if you need support (you can also have a look in the help section available from the help menu)

  • Paul Matuszyk

    could you create a website to make more immerse experience. It would allow to enter reminders via web and get them on mobile. This is especially true for e.g. long emails, which you should send at specific date & time.
    Examples of such sites are:
    – Google Keep
    You can use either app or website to access the same data (reminders etc) ==> also it make easier entering data

    • David Payne

      I am currently working on a web version of the app, but it will need a small yearly subscription to be used.

      • Paul Matuszyk

        tops. Great news then! The most useful app for Android for me. Maybe just by the way – I have a problem on android v. 6 that I can hear the reminder sound but no pop-up is showing. Are you aware of this problem?

  • heatherdoubledee

    Hi, i have moved from iphone to Samsung and after searching extensively and trying many on google i stumbled across this app. Best reminder app closest to Alarmed i have found.
    Would like to see an indicator on the icon showing no of reminders that need to be attended to – this then becones the prompt to check on what needs doing. As they get done the number decreases until none are left just like emails or facebook notifications.
    I love the fact that i can delay the reminder until later in the day but i do forget to go back in and check

    • David PAYNE

      This is possible by adding the 1×1 widget on your home screen

  • Andrew Scheim

    Would be great to have a calender view along with list. Is that in the works?

  • Satyaprakash Mishra

    My email does not go . Error message wrong email settings

  • Satyaprakash Mishra

    Please help me

  • संदिप खाडे

    Dear sir
    This app is so much useful
    But my vivo v7 device not showing notification on screen only on notification bar show
    I have many times app uninstall ans reinstall but problem is same my phone reset one time but problem is not going
    Please help me